Vision + Mission


Our Vision

A world where women have access to the best and most powerful resources, tools, and people they need to make healthy decisions with their finances, fashion, wellness, beauty, relationships, career, lifestyle, and technology to ultimately fulfill their dreams.


Our Mission

To provide millennial women with the best knowledge, support, and promotion for them to achieve their goals and change the world.


bSmart Promises:

•    To help women make smarter decisions in their lives through the stories we portray and events we host.

•    To provide a supportive network for our members so they can network and promote their brands online and in-person.

•    To spotlight women who embody health, healing, and purpose so that their stories may do the same for our members online and in person.

•    To celebrate the 'fabulousness' of all members and celebrate how each woman is unique and gifted.

•    To offer practical steps for women to change their lives, to be who they were created to be, and to celebrate this journey.