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Blog Post Guidelines

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Feeling stuck? Email your editor if one of the below ideas will improve your blogging experience! 


1) Need a confidence booster?

We’re happy to read through a draft and let you know if you’re going in the right direction!


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Writing Tips
  • Brainstorm as many notes as possible before you draft the post.
  • Proofread your post with fresh eyes the morning after you write it.
  • Read your post out loud to see if it’s clear and conversational.
  • Include point(s) for reader to 'be smart' from reading your post.
Editing Tips
  • Enter 2 spaces between all periods.
  • Use single quotes (except for quotes within quotes) for a modern style.
  • Contractions: Use it's, I'll, you'll we're, they've when possible for casual language.
  • Cut duplicate, extra, or unnecessary words or phrases.
  • Change general language to specific Ex. things = specific noun. 
  • Confirm proper nouns, quotes, business names etc. via google.


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