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Join us for a bSmart shopping + fundraising event at WeWork Soho South to raise $3,000 for SHOFCO, a non-profit dedicated to empowering girls and women through education!

Donate to Shining Hopes for Community (SHOFCO), a non-profit that combats extreme poverty and gender inequity by linking schools for girls to a set of high-value, holistic community services for the urban poor.

When you give, you'll receive from our empowering collections:

  • $10 - Education is Key Sticker
  • $25 - Tough as Marble Spiral Notebook
  • $50 - Collection T-Shirt
  • $100 - Collection T-Shirt + iPhone Case
  • $250 - Collection T-Shirt + iPhone Case + Pouch
  • $500 - Collection T-Shirt + Leggings + Spiral Notebook
  • $1,000 - Collection T-Shirt + Leggings + iPhone Case + Pouch + Spiral Notebook 

100% of your donation is tax deductible.

 Or shop the collection!

bSmart has launched three products lines in our bSmart Market whereby 100% of proceeds will be donated to Shining Hope for Communities.


About the Collection

Tough as Marble Collection

No two pieces of marble are the same and no two girls are the same. Girls are tough; more tough than society gives them credit. Around the world, women and girls are overcoming obstacles and going against all odds, seeking an education and a better life. Help these girls be tough. 

EDUCATE Collection

EDUCATE. Educate yourself and help educate other girls through the purchase of this shirt. 

Education is Key Collection

Education is key. The key to success that is. Education exponentially grows a woman's opportunities for a successful future for herself, her family, her community and her country.



SHOFCO’s innovation places free schools for girls in the center of holistic community services, allowing the school to become a portal for large scale social change. This approach invites both genders to be part of the solution and builds a community invested in its own future — ultimately, transforming the face of urban poverty while creating tomorrow’s leaders

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