Imagine these two scenarios: it’s 3 AM, you’re six cups of coffee deep, under-eye bags reaching an all-time puffiness, and you’ve only studied two-thirds of your final exam study guide.  Now imagine this: it’s a dimly lit café with the sounds of low, quiet chatter and the occasional laughter filling the room as your significant other sits across from you, sipping his or her cup of black coffee as you slowly savor your latte.


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An all-nighter and a date.  Two very different occasions; however, they are both unified by a single object: coffee.  What does the smell of coffee mean to you?  Does it induce a stressful feeling, bitterly reminding you of college all-nighters in the library, or does it remind you of your favorite dates with your significant other?  

For me, coffee brings me peace and relaxation.  Despite it being my go-to drink during my all-nighter stints, every time I sipped coffee during the night, it would relax me.  It made me calm again, almost like an adult security blanket.  It served as my source of comfort when the only things around me were a textbook and a dimly lit laptop screen covered with obscure lecture terms.  In that same respect, I felt a sense of comfort holding my coffee mug on a first date.  It felt like I had some sort of physical barrier between me and the person I was with; it allowed for a bit of necessary separation to help me with my awkwardness and ‘inability’ to socialize on a first date.  It also gives me the sense of comfort that I feel on a fifth date in that same coffee shop, sitting across from someone who I genuinely find interesting, who I could see myself drinking more cups of coffee with.


What does the smell of coffee mean to you?


The smell of coffee comforts me.  Despite the uncomfortable, and sometimes even miserable, situations I rely on coffee to get me through (like those all-nighters and awkward first dates) it does not bring me the sense of stress I experienced in those times.  In fact, in some of those situations, the only comfort that I felt was the sensation of hot coffee sliding down my throat.

Breathe in the aroma of coffee brewing, the smell that perfumes the entire room, and share with what your reasons are for loving (or hating) coffee.  Do you have any positive or negative associations with it?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments!


I'm a California native studying at Boston University for journalism with a specialization in photojournalism. I enjoy all things coffee related and I’m a sucker for cute dogs. View my work on


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