How Meagan Hooper Went from Acting Gigs to Finance

In her early 20s, Meagan Hooper moved to New York City to be an actor. Between auditions, she worked as an executive assistant at a financial firm — a job she was good at and grew to love. Soon, she began turning down roles because she didn’t want to spend too much time away from the office. A little over two years later, she became the firm’s chief operating officer. Now, as founder and CEO of bSmartGuide, a women’s mentoring network and app, she offers coaching programs to help other women take their next career steps. Hooper talked to Charlotte Cowles about playing the role of the person she wanted to be — and how her wardrobe is an essential performance tool.



Meagan Hooper graduated from Wake Forest with a Theater major and enormous amounts of ambition. She soon found herself balancing auditions with part-time work at a hedge fund in New York. Meagan speaks to us now as founder and CEO of, an online platform for women to network and mentor one another. Learn how Meagan’s path since Wake led her to founding this incredible online community.

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Meagan Hooper Is Helping Women Be Their Best Selves Founder Meagan Hooper went from being COO of a successful hedge fund to teaching women how to rise in their careers as well.

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WAKEWomen's Weekend keynote speaker Meagan Hooper (’04) Founder Meagan Hooper gives the WAKEWomen's keynote for female alumni of Wake Forest University.

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The Tenacious Meagan Hooper

Ever since she founded, a website that helps women reach life and career goals, this theatre major has set the stage for success — and become a hard act to follow.


Wear Bows & Smile Inspiring Woman: Meagan Hooper

Meagan dedicates her life and work to helping all women succeed in achieving their goals, whatever they may be, all through her online community platform, bSmart Guide. After attending a few of the bSmart Guide events, getting involved in their mentor groups, and meeting the most amazing women, I tell everyone I know about it!


Meagan Hooper on women and business

bSmart Founder Meagan Hooper is interviewed by The Refresh Your Wealth Radio Show on how women can succeed in business.


How to Save Money When You're Young, Dumb, and Broke

bSmart Founder Meagan Hooper is interviewed about how to pay off credit card debt, begin saving, and generate passive income when your young and broke. 


Career Profile: Meagan Hooper, bSmart Guide

Meagan Hooper is the founder of bSmart Guide, a platform for young professional women.  They believe that the key to helping women be smart is linking them to great resources and other likeminded women. Meagan just launched the first virtual mentorship group and I know it’s already helping so many women connect. I’m excited for you to get to know her today!

Fearless Woman: Meagan Hooper

She Aspires newest Fearless Woman is Meagan Hooper, founder of, a community created to provide millennial women with the best knowledge, support, and promotion for them to achieve their goals and change the world.

9 Money Mistakes We Make in Our 20s and How to Avoid Them

We all make mistakes in our 20s. There are relationship mistakes, career mistakes and, of course, money mistakes. So, we compiled a list of HuffPosters' biggest financial regrets and then got in touch with millennial money expert, Meagan Hooper, the founder, an online community for millennial women.

I’m a Balanced Babe and…I’m the Founder of bSmart Guide

From working in finance to starting her own business, Meagan Hooper of the bSmart Guide knows first hand what it’s like going from working for someone else, to working for herself. Meagan’s mission is to help other women find the resources and tools for their own life strategies, and she is definitely making waves. If you need a nudge or motivation to make a career or life change, Meagan has some advice you need to hear.

She-Ro of the Week: Meagan Hooper of bSmart Guide

Our She-Ro this week is Meagan Hooper, the founder and CEO of bSmart Guide, an online community for millennial women. Her website is incredibly helpful, and her advice is right on point. Thank you Meagan for taking the time!


It Girl Icon: Meagan of

If you’ve thought of changing careers and following your passions to make a difference doing what you love, read on to learn how Meagan (an arts and theatre major) first made her mark on Wall Street where she discovered a need for advising, supporting, and connecting aspirational millennial women, and inspired her to launch



Twenty Something Success: Meagan Hooper, bSmart Guide

Lauren Harbury, Founder of interviews bSmart Founder Meagan Hooper about her advice and lessons learned for the 20-something years. 


How She Got There: Meagan Hooper, Founder & CEO of bSmart Guide

Lily Herman interviews bSmart Guide Founder Meagan Hooper on what inpired her to create the millennial platform and her advice to all college women.


Millennial Expert Meagan Hooper on Fox Business Discussing Technology 

bSmart Founder Meagan Hooper discusses the $10 BN Snapchat valuation from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byer and the millennial perspective on this trending app.


Millennial Expert Megan Hooper on Fox Business discussing marketing to women

bSmart Founder Meagan Hooper discusses how well businesses are marketing to millennial women.


Millennial Expert Meagan Hooper on Fox Business as a Guest Co-Host 

bSmart Founder Meagan Hooper discusses the changes when kids get their driver's license as a guest co-host on Making Money with Charles Payne.


Expert Interview with Meagan Hooper on Millennials and Money 

The finance professional created as an online community aimed at helping young professional women gain a leg up in the world of business and money management. Here, she shares about what drove her to build the site and get her tips in insight on the biggest concerns facing the millennial generation. 



Looking for a way to share your expertise with or mentor the next generation? is a platform for millennial women to learn, connect, and promote their brands within a supportive community.  Created by entrepreneur Meagan Hooper, the website allows members to promote their brands at no cost, using a range of helpful tools.



Kick-ass women #15 - Meagan Hooper

This week, we’re super excited to share with you a woman behind a site that we love. Introducing Meagan Hooper, the Founder of bSmart Guide, a community platform where female entrepreneurs and businesswomen can find tools and tips to help them succeed and connect with other women. Meagan took her extremely impressive resume (helloooo Chief Operating Officer!) and put it to work helping other women move through their careers. So obviously, we were...


Levo Love List: Top Career Sites for Women!

As it turns out, there are quite a lot of resources out there for the young female professional trying to get a grip on her career strategy and trajectory. Here at Levo, our one objective is to get you on the road towards getting the job you dream of and becoming the woman you want to become. So we thought, “Why not create a guidebook to all of the career resources on the Web for our users?” And so, without further ado, here it is: Week One of the Levo Love List: Levo Loves Career!