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On Wednesday, March 8th, people all over the world participated in International Women’s Day.  Unlike the marching demonstrations that took place shortly after the 2017 presidential inauguration, this global holiday was meant to incite action beyond taking to the streets.  Women were encouraged to stay home from their respective workplaces and refrain from purchasing any goods.  If they had to buy anything, it was suggested that they only shop at female-owned companies or small businesses.  On top of these things, they were also supposed to wear the color red to show others that they supported fellow women striking.  Ultimately, in removing women from things like the workplace and the economy, if only for a day, people were to understand the enormous contributions that women make to society.


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Some expressed issues with the strike, claiming that it was inconsiderate to ask women of lower income to take off from work, as it would put their families’ well-being in jeopardy.  The mere ability to strike without grave consequences is, in itself, a privilege.  Others argued that the risk involved with striking was vital.  In other words, women should be willing to risk something in order to prove the seriousness of their dedication to dismantling female inequity.  While conflicting views arose, the day ended up as one of female unity and support.

For women in America and across the globe, the election of the recent United States president has been devastating.  However, despite feelings of loss and confusion, moments like International Women’s Day or the Women’s March on Washington have reignited hope that women’s situations can and will improve.  For this reason, these events are still of such massive importance, despite the fact that they may not elicit immediate change.  Gradually, as women refuse to give up their fight for gender parity, it’s inevitable that improvement will take its course.


As women refuse to give up their fight for gender parity, it’s inevitable that improvement will take its course.


Whatever individual contribution a woman was able to make on International Women’s Day, it was still surely one of value.  Helping in any way possible is what matters most.  As International Women’s Day comes to a close, it’s important that people put forth efforts to make every day one that celebrates and supports womankind.  The sentiments of this holiday cannot be left for a single moment on the calendar, but rather, should echo throughout years to come.


Madeline is a student-athlete at New York University studying English and American Literature. Given her school’s location in Manhattan, Madeline loves to explore the city and document her various adventures on her blog, You can also find her wandering around  bookstores searching for her next read and sipping an iced coffee. For a more holistic view of her creative and professional style, check out her portfolio website,


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Raising awareness is always a good idea.


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