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Many artists post their work on Instagram, utilizing its visual nature by making their accounts into miniature, online galleries while opening themselves to new audiences.  This allows these artists to gain notoriety and display their work, and makes visual art more easily accessible than ever before.  There are so many amazing female artists whose share their work on Instagram—here are some particularly great ones.  


Learn more about artist Ashley Longshore here!

Sarah Bahbah

Sarah Bahbah (@sarahbahbah) tells stories that explore young, female voices through her photography.  She’s known for her series of images with subtitles that narrate the inner thoughts of her subjects.  Instagram is an important tool for Bahbah - with just over half a million followers, she’s gained fame through the social platform and even released her most recent photo series, I Could Not Protect Her, through daily Instagram posts rather than in a gallery or on her website.  

Sofia Salazar

Sofia Salazar (@__hiedra__) is a UK-based textile designer and illustrator whose designs often depict women and draw inspiration from art of ancient civilizations.  She lets followers in on her artistic process through videos on her Instagram, which is especially interesting due to the unique nature and medium of her artwork.  Salazar sells her designs and prints online and uses Instagram as a means of advertising when she’s selling new pieces or notifying her followers as to when they’ve sold out.  

Ashley Longshore

Ashley Longshore displays her glitter-filled and colorful pop-art on her Instagram profile, @ashleylongshoreart.  Instagram isn’t only a tool for Longshore to share her artwork, but also to share empowering (and often humorous) messages and photos.  This loud and unapologetic aspect of the artist’s personality shines through both these posts and through her art.  Her paintings often depict famous and successful women, including Kate Moss, Kate Middleton, and Anna Wintour - and are also known to be favorites of actress Blake Lively.  While these portraits go for as much as $30,000, Instagram is an accessible way for Longshore's fans and followers to be inspired by her artwork and life.

Polly Nor

Polly Nor’s (@pollynor) distinctive style is perfectly summed up in her Instagram bio: ‘I draw women and their demons.’  The women in Nor’s artwork are surrounded by illustrations of her signature devilish creatures, who appear in her subjects’ bedrooms, reflected in their mirrors, and even reaching out from their laptop screens.  She has recently forayed into sculpture, keeping true to the consistent motifs, themes and style present in her illustrations.  With over a million followers, Polly Nor has gained much of her notoriety and influence through Instagram and continues to grow as an artist while utilizing the social platform.


Whether you love art or are just looking to make your Instagram feed more interesting, these talented women are worth a follow.


Coco Capitan

Coco Capitan (@cococapitan) is a fashion photographer and illustrator whose art consists of witticisms and short poetry written in her trademarked uppercase handwriting.  She’s recently collaborated with Gucci and is best known for designing Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album cover.  Her unique prose and style is best displayed on her Instagram, which aptly displays her navigation between mediums of writing and photography.

Laura Callaghan

Laura Callaghan (@lauracallaghanillustrations) posts her intricate and detailed  artwork on her Instagram account, along with mesmerizing videos of her drawing and painting process.  She often draws women in everyday situations using a bright color palette and complex details.  Her colorful and patterned illustrations of women get as many as thirty thousand Instagram likes and have drawn collaborators like Stella McCartney and Adidas.


Whether you love art or you’re just looking for a way to make your Instagram feed more interesting, these talented women are definitely worth a follow.  From Sarah Bahbah’s stylized and introspective photography, to Ashley Longshore’s colorful and bold portraits, the wide range of art on Instagram is a great way to add some visual inspiration to your daily life.


Bridget Duggan is an editorial intern at bSmart. She is a New Jersey native and a rising sophomore at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

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