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Author, certified meditation coach, and co-founder of OMG. I Can Meditate!, Lynne Goldberg created a mobile and web app that makes meditation easy and accessible for anyone.  After a series of life blows including losing her mother, twin baby girls, her marriage and her job - Lynne felt alone, disillusioned, and disconnected from her life.  Faced with the choice of medication or meditation - Lynne embraced a new and healthy lifestyle studying under Deepak Chopra, Sri Dhamra Mittra, and Tony Robbins learning balance and practicing mindfulness.  As a certified meditation coach, yoga instructor and author of Get Balanced. Get Blissed, Lynne is telling bSmart members the secret to living in the present and how everyone can say OMG. I Can Meditate!

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OMG. I Can Meditate! is for people who think meditation is too difficult or time-consuming.


Mobile Meditation

Why should millennial women meditate?

Millennials are one of the most educated and talented generations in history.  They are media and tech savvy, huge multi-taskers, and take in more information than previous generations.  Practicing meditation is a great way to stay calm and centered in this world of ever increasing mental stimulation.

What are the benefits of meditation through OMG. I Can Meditate!?

Practicing meditation is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your sense of wellbeing.  In addition to making you a calmer, more clear-headed person, meditation also has a range of other benefits including better physical health, more harmonious relationships, higher performance levels, and just plain feeling happier.

We created OMG. I Can Meditate! specifically for people who may think meditation is difficult to learn or too time-consuming to bring into their busy lives.  We’ve made it super simple by explaining how to meditate in straight-forward language that everybody can understand.


’My Boss is a Jerk' is a daily meditation which helps you deal with difficult people.


What are the steps to learning to meditate?

OMG I Can Meditate! is for anyone who wants to learn to meditate.  Lots of people think meditation is complicated or isn’t for them.  We’ve distilled everything you need to know it into simple easy to learn steps.  If you think you’re too stressed out, have too busy a mind, or have no time to meditate - then this is the app for you.

Our guided meditations are full of meditation tips and walk you through all the how’s and why’s.  All you need to do is show up, sit back in your favorite chair, and press the play button.  And because we’ve made the app fully mobile, you can take it with you and meditate wherever you feel like it. 

Can you describe the daily meditation programs offered for OMG. I Can Meditate!?

Our Daily Meditation Program is a series of progressive guided meditations that take you, step by step, through everything you need to know to learn to meditate.  But we also have Special Meditations that are designed to meet you where you are, with whatever is going on in your life.  These meditations include things like 'Creating Abundance,' 'Finding Love,' or 'Dealing with Anxiety.'  We even have one called 'My Boss is a Jerk' which helps you deal with the difficult people in your life.

The app also has night-time meditations to help you fall asleep, wake-up meditations to help get your day started on the right track, and even on-the-go meditations that you can do as you go about your daily life.

What is your dream for OMG. I Can Meditate! users?

My dream for OMG. I Can Meditate! users is that they experience the same life-changing benefits that I’ve received from meditation.  I sleep better, feel better, manage my stress better, and relate better to the people in my life. Overall, the quality of my life is…better.


My dream is that users experience the same life-changing benefits I’ve received.


Meditation made Easy

Where does your passion for mindfulness and meditation come from?

My passion comes from a particularly bad time in my life - my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at 54, I lost twin baby girls 2 days before my 3rd trimester, I lost my job, and shortly afterward, my husband and I split up.  I had lost all hope and was not going to make it without something to help me through.  It was either going to be medication or meditation.  Fortunately, I chose meditation.

In what ways did meditation change your life and perspective?

Today, I have no trouble sleeping, and even though I have kids ranging from ten years old to young adults, I find that I'm able to keep a pretty decent perspective as life happens.  It’s not that stuff doesn’t come up.  In fact, just the other night, my son didn’t come home until 8am and never called to let me know.  In the past, I would have been out of my wits with fear and would have exploded with anger when he got home.  But I was able to deal with it relatively calmly.

So when the inevitable happens, I’m able to take a step back and see the big picture.  Rather than reacting with fear at all the what if’s, I can respond to what is.


We spend so much energy worrying we often miss what’s happening right now.


What are the biggest challenges to living a mindful life?

We spend so much of our time thinking about the past or anticipating the future.  I call it the 'If only' or 'What if' frame of mind.  We spend so much energy beating ourselves up over what’s already happened and worrying about what might happen, that we often miss what’s happening right here, right now.  Being more mindful lets us appreciate our life as it’s happening.  So if I'm at the beach with my family at sunset, but my mind is on the presentation I have for work tomorrow, I’m not living the present moment.  Meditation trains us to notice when our mind wanders off into thought and teaches us to bring ourselves back to whatever we’re actually doing. 

How do you define well-being?

To me, wellbeing is about a balance of health in mind and body.  It’s about feeling good and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day with a sense of excitement.  It’s about being able to deal with the challenges in my life with acceptance, and living in the present moment.  It’s about spending more time appreciating what’s good in my life and letting go of disappointment, worry and anxiety.  My meditation practice has helped me to get better at all of these.

I’ve learned that meditation isn’t just about a few minutes of relaxation in my day.  It’s about bringing a sense of calm and clarity into all aspects of my life.  Flowing with the current of my life, instead of fighting against it.

I’ve taught hundreds of people to meditate who have experienced these same benefits.  Now, through OMG. I Can Meditate!, I'm hoping thousands more – maybe even millions – will discover the same benefits.

How can we be smart practicing mindfulness and meditation?

Meditation is an amazing tool that can help you improve your life.  But it’s a bit like taking birth control pills - if you don’t do it everyday, it’s not as effective.  For years I was an emergency meditator - I only did it when I was in some sort of crisis.  And though it did help in these situations, the real change came in my life from making it part of my daily routine and allowing to find it’s way into my daily life.  My bSmart advice is make the effort to be consistent at the beginning - remember, it takes only 21 days to build a habit.


Being more mindful lets us appreciate our life as it’s happening.


Meet Lynne Goldberg

Occupation:  Meditation Coach

Women I Admire:  My mother

Dream Mentor:  Sharon Salzberg

Beauty Essential: A big smile

Best Date:  A picnic dinner on the beach with my husband

Travel Destination:  India

Current Craving: Chocolate hazelnut chia seed pudding

Best Advice: If you can’t change it, accept it.

Favorite Quote: 'If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' - Thomas Edison

De-Stress Technique: Meditation

University:  Boston University




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