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Meteorologist and fashionista, Roxy Haynes is a partner of TheVane - an app that blends weather and fashion to help you choose what to wear, what to pack, and to shop for what’s missing.  Featured in the NY Times as a favorite app, TheVane provides customized clothing recommendations based on your personal style and temperature preference. Enter the destination and dates for your next trip and the app will give you a tailored packing list and outfit suggestions based on your style. With a range from office and weekend to wedding and baby, TheVane provides fashion inspiration from your favorite trendsetters and allows you to share your OOTD with your followers.  Find out Roxy’s lessons learned as an entrepreneur, her advice for women in tech, and how to forecast your fashion.


I love fashion and would often incorporate fashion advice into my forecasts.


Forecasting Fashion

How did being a meteorologist inspire you to join TheVane?

I spent the last decade of my career working in television and currently contribute as the national meteorologist for AOL Rise.  Most recently, I served as the weekend morning meteorologist for the New York tri-state region.  I’ve always loved connecting with my viewers on social media so I started using Instagram and Twitter to share outfits (and designers) that I wore on-air.  I love fashion and would often incorporate fashion advice into my forecasts saying, ‘You may want bring a light jacket if you’re going to the Jets game this evening.  By the 4th quarter, temps may drop to the low 60’s.’

I started getting requests from viewers on social media asking, ‘what should I wear today? or ‘what’s the weather going to be like on Friday?  I want to get a new outfit for a weekend getaway.’  My friends would also tell me, ‘I don’t have time to tune in the news to watch you, can you just text me a link to your forecasts?’  It became clear that people were depending on their mobile devices for both weather and fashion information.  I realized there was a need for an app that everyone can use, globally, putting weather and fashion advice at their fingertips.  I started creating an app called ‘The F in Weather’ (F for fashion) and then I found TheVane already existed and I reached out to the Co-Founders Chubi Nwagbara and Kirsten Anderson, and joined the team.

How can we select the best clothes based on our local weather?

At TheVane we’re rethinking how people make decisions on what to buy and wear.  TheVane makes tailored recommendations for what to wear or pack based on the weather forecast and provides current fashion inspiration.  The New York Times called us one of their favorite new apps saying we ‘add a human touch to the weather.’


I started getting requests from viewers on social media asking, ‘what should I wear today?’


What are the ways TheVane app can help us pack for an upcoming trip?

Simply type in your destination, date you’re traveling, and activities planned.  Based on the information you provide TheVane will give you daily recommendations and a customizable pack list you can edit, save, and send via email.

How does TheVane app know my style and temperature sensitivity?

We ask when you register or sign in: ‘What are your favorite styles?’ and ‘How do you usually feel compared to others?’

Who are TheVane app trendsetters to follow for fashion inspiration?

You can follow both friends and fashion influencers through your profile.  You can also find the most popular looks from trendsetters on your Discover page.  Three of my favorite fashionistas you can follow on TheVane are To Be Bright, One Dapper Street, and Color Me Courtney.

How can we use The Vane app to share our OOTD with our followers?

Sharing your OOTD is super easy.  Go to our Take Photo section and either snap a shot or upload a picture taken earlier and let us know the occasion for the outfit (e.g. brunch, night out), and submit!  All your followers will see your post on the Discover page.

Roxy.7 Roxy.8

TheVane will give you daily fashion recommendations and a customizable pack list.


Climate of Success

What has been your proudest accomplishment as an entrepreneur?

Overcoming gender stereotypes and my ability to hold my own in this business are my proudest accomplishments.  I’ve made strong impressions and closed successful business deals.  Recently we were chosen as finalists at a startup competition, Pandoland, which was held in Nashville.  I used to live there so it was fun to go back and introduce TheVane to friends and former colleagues.  Being highlighted in the Apple App Store as a place to discover fashions has also been thrilling.  In addition, being mentioned in the New York Times makes us feel like we’re on to something big!

What has been your biggest lesson learned as a woman in technology?

Keep doing what you’re passionate about and if it doesn't exist YOU can create it!  It’s 2015 and we have the technology.  It seems like every week there’s a new initiative to get women interested in tech, so we should ignore stereotypes or sexism that hinder women from thriving in the tech scene.  Often times I’m the only female presenter at tech/startup events, which has inspired me to speak up more and work harder.


Think first, then speak, then collaborate.


What is your advice for managing and working with a team?

Think first, then speak, then collaborate.  I have a tendency to say what’s on my mind and that’s not always the best when working as a team.  It’s also smart to know early on what your team members’ strengths and interests are.  For example, if you have an intern who loves social media, let him/her help manage one of your social media accounts.  Listen to everyone and have meetings where everyone feels comfortable sharing new ideas.

How can we be smart when developing an app?

All apps start with a good idea.  Share your idea and see what others think.  If they agree, keep sharing until you can find a developer that sees the potential and will help you build the app or learn to code yourself!  Sometimes if they like the idea they’ll do it for equity or for a reasonable cost.  Write a business plan and storyboard the app.  Most investors won’t take you seriously until you have a solid presentation/product or it’s at least in beta.

Make sure creating the app is something you’re going to enjoy doing.  You’ll have to talk and demo the app more times than you can keep count.  There will be bugs and you’ll get frustrated, so you must love the idea and process!

Roxy.1.b Roxy.3.b

People are depending on their mobile devices for both weather and fashion information.


 Roxy.4.c Roxy.3

TheVane makes recommendations for what to wear based on the weather and current fashion.



Meet Roxy Haynes

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Meteorologist

Twitter: @newsthatrox

Instagram: @newsthatrox

Dream Mentor: Sheryl Sandberg

Look of the Season: Flash Tattoos

Ultimate Accessory: Birkin Bag

Favorite Store: Alice and Olivia, BCBG, & Zara

Must-have Shoes: Clarks

Can't Live Without Product: Coconut oil

Salon Recommendation: Hair craft studio by Ray (Chelsea)

Signature Scent: Flower by Kenzo

Beauty Essential: I have oily skin so I always have blotting sheets and MAC Medium Dark Blot Powder on hand

Travel Destination: The beach!

Current Craving: Dark chocolate

De-Stress Technique: Yoga

On My Playlist: “Lean On” Major Lazer, “Stolen Dance” Milky Chance, “Honey, I’m Good” Andy Grammer & Eli Young Band

Favorite App: TheVane

University: University of Florida (Go Gators!)




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