Reese Witherspoon truly seems to have it all: class, grace, humor, and smarts - not to mention talent (both on screen and behind the camera).  She’s definitely my spirit animal and by the time you get done reading this, she’ll probably be yours too!



 1) She starred in Legally Blonde (AKA the best chick flick of the 21st century)


Reese’s role in Legally Blonde as bubbly sorority girl-turned-law student, Elle Woods, launched her into permanent stardom and boomed at the box office.  Not only is it one of my favorite movies, but it actually made me consider a career as a lawyer (a dream which has fizzled out since I first saw Legally Blonde in third grade).


2) She’s a fashion icon


Gracing the covers of Vogue five (yes, five!) times, Reese certainly knows a thing or two about timeless fashion.  While Elle Woods prefers a closet full of pink, Reese has proven she knows how to leave an impression in the world of style.  Her looks are inspired by classic actresses (ahem, Marilyn Monroe?), and she’s always sure to look polished, no matter the occasion.


3) She owns up to her mistakes


When Reese and her husband Jim Toth were involved in a drunk driving incident in 2013 which led to a DUI for Toth and a charge of disorderly conduct for Witherspoon (she argued with the police officer who pulled them over), she didn’t panic.  Reese took accountability and addressed the incident the only way she knew how - with class.


4) She has beauty…


Can you say 'girl next door??'  Few would argue she is anything but stunning.  Featured on People Magazine’s highly anticipated list of '100 Most Beautiful,' Reese was distinguished for both her physical beauty as well her admirable contributions to charity.


5) …And brains 


Reese’s tale is not so different from that of her Legally Blonde persona, who attended Harvard Law.  After graduating high school, Reese was accepted to Stanford University, where she attended for a year, before leaving to pursue a career in acting.


6) She’s as American as it gets (literally!) 


In addition to her All-American looks (and her namesake Americana movie roles), Reese is related to John Witherspoon, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  It doesn’t get much more patriotic than that!  #AMERICA


7) She’s creative


While its obvious that Reese is extremely creative on screen, recent ventures have proved her to be quite the accomplished producer.  She was a producer for recent blockbuster Gone Girl, as well as Legally Blonde 2, Legally Blondes, Penelope, and her most recent film Wild, in which she is the lead character. 


8) She’s genuine


Reese has small-town roots, and never lets the fame get to her head.  Raised outside of Nashville, TN, she takes pride in the 'sense of family and tradition' she gained from her upbringing.  (She even named her youngest son Tennessee to honor her home state!)  Reese once said 'I grew up in Tennessee.  We didn't know what Louis Vuitton was.  I had to order all of my prom outfits out of catalogs.'


9) She’s a (hot) mom 


Reese is mother to Ava, Deacon and Tennessee.  She balances her career with motherhood (seemingly effortlessly!) and somehow manages to look great doing it… Ava, age 15 (right), may as well be her mother’s identical twin.  Reese always places family above her work, saying, 'Marriage and family come before everything. You don't want to make a movie at the cost of your relationship.'


10) She’s versatile


Unlike many Hollywood stars that become categorized into one role and character type, Reese has worked hard to prove she has what it takes to play everyone between Elle Woods and Cheryl Strayed (her Wild character who embarks on a soul-searching cross-country hike).  She has broken every stereotype cast on her, and for that alone she is an inspiration!

Reese Witherspoon is not only a fantastic actress and someone to envy for her impeccable style and overall perfection, but above all, she is a great role model for millennial women. 

Wait did you just say Reese Witherspoon still isn’t your spirit animal?




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