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1) Promote Your Brand 

What You Want // Have you been dreaming of beginning a blog?  Does starting your own business sound appealing to you?  You can promote your personal brand on a variety of channels to increase traffic and gain more followers who will keep returning to check out your awesome content!

How to Go After It // Every go-getter girl like yourself should truly have a Facbeook Fan Page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram account, at the bare minimum.  Ideally, you might also look into creating accounts on the following: Pinterest, Snapchat (who wouldn’t love a behind-the-scenes look at the blogging/business process, am I right!?), Tumblr, and –if you’re feeling daring– Periscope! *wiggles eyebrows with excitement*

2) Network, Network, Network

What You Want // Your current career (or lack-thereof) just isn’t cutting it for you these days.  You’re looking for something more – whether that means an internship to gain experience in a different field, or a higher position at a similar company, you can often find something that meets your needs via social media!

How to Go After It // Start by following companies (or even better, people who already work at those companies!) on Twitter and Instagram. This is a great way to stay updated on the latest company news.  Additionally, there will be ‘Apply now!’ posts on these channels when an open position, quite often for a Brand Ambassador, arises that needs to be filled, ASAP. Hey….hey, that’s your cue! ;) Network, network, network.


3) Find a Supportive Community

What You Want // Sometimes, you’ve been feeling a lack of support lately.  Your friends and family might have other ideas about what you 'should' be doing with your life that are necessarily aligned with your own dreams, passions, and goals.  Well, don’t you worry!  The interwebz has a multitude of specific-interest groups, everywhere from Facebook groups to LinkedIn connections to Twitter chats, that can make you feel less alone in your journey to success.

How to Go After It // A great start would be to enter your passion in the search-bar on Facebook – blogging, entrepreneurship, a certain hobby/craft (because sometimes it’s just plain hard to find other crochet enthusiasts our age, ya know, ladies!?), what-have-you. Once you join one of the groups, introduce yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out to other members by leaving helpful, thoughtful comments on their posts to the group!  Before you know it, you’ll have an incredible tribe of support to feed you with the inspirational fuel to get out there and achieve your dreams. (Pssst… bSmart offers great support! <3)

4) Increase Awareness

What You Want // Is there a good cause or charity that is near and dear to your heart?   One of the best ways to increase awareness and garner support is by posting links to donation sites and/or informational articles that will encourage others to care about the fate of the affected people, animals, environment, etc. as much as you do!

How to Go After It // Your best bet is to hop onto your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  You can directly link to websites that feature awareness campaigns, including those that raise money (GoFundMe and Kickstarter are some of the most well-known sites), and those that have beautifully-crafted infographics that will alert people of how dire the situation at hand truly is.  Not sure yet what particular cause is meaningful to you? Check out the website DoSomething.org for some inspiration to find your newest passion!

We hope these four empowering ways to utilize social media will inspire you to get out there and go achieve your ambitions!  


Brooke A. Safferman is the founder of The Pink Lyme, a fashion & lifestyle blog that will make you smile, laugh, and love your life!  She is a 21-year-old English major at Connecticut College, an aspiring entrepreneur, and involved in multiple groups centered around female empowerment, such as the Smart Girls Group (Editor-at-Large), Her Culture (Blog Copyeditor), and Her Campus (Content Writer).  Her favorite things in life include being a bookworm, snuggling with her pug-dog named Pepper, eating Nutella straight out of the jar, and the color pink, in general.   


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