Our Mission

To provide women the best knowledge, mentorship, and resources for them to achieve their goals and change the world.


Our Vision

A world where women have access to the best resources, tools, and people they need to make smart decisions with their finances, fashion, wellness, beauty, relationships, career, lifestyle, and technology to fulfill their dreams.


As we begin the new millennium:

  • Women earn more degrees than men (58% to 42%).
  • Women hold most of the professional-level jobs (52% to 48%).
  • Women represent 47% of the U.S. labor force.
  • Women represent 30% of university presidents in the U.S.
  • Women generate 38% of the news and share 32% of on-camera time.
  • Women represent 14% of executives for major fashion brands.
  • Women represent 25% of all STEM jobs, but 50% will leave due to a hostile work environment.
  • Women represent 7% of CIO positions globally, and 11% in the U.S.
  • Women represent 25% of books reviewed (both as author and reviewer).
  • Women represent 11% of creative directors in advertising as of 2015.
  • Women represent 25% of movie producers, 20% of editors, 15% of screenplay writers, and 9% of movie directors.

10% of films have balanced characters in front of the camera.

10 million businesses are women-owned, but 90% of them have no employees.

Women make $0.80 for every dollar a man earns.  At this rate, caucasian women will reach income parity in 2059, black women in 2124, and hispanic women in 2248.


bSmart exists to close the gender leadership gap by increasing the number of female decision-makers around the world through our content, community, and marketplace.