Nefertari Bilal

Apolitical is defined as 'having an aversion to politics or political affairs.'  Based on this, I am very much apolitical.  There are many reasons why I would define myself as apolitical.  First, I feel that politics is one of the quickest ways people become divided.  Secondly, I have no loyalty to any party, which makes me feel even less interested in politics.  Third, part of me feels that it’s a hopeless situation where the common person is simply used as a means to an end (i.e win a reelection).  Politicians make empty promises of change, and still, by and large, accomodate corporations at the expense of middle and lower classes.


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Additionally,  I hate seeing the news, which seems oversaturated with coverage on U.S. President Donald Trump.  Regardless of one's personal views about him, I think many would agree that the news could cover much more positive newsworthy topics than countless pontification about the Russian scandal, etc.  ALL of this is important, but I think they distract from issues about how our middle class is declining, and how the environment and the people who depend on it are poisoned by processes like fracking.  As many politicians support these same companies at the expense of the people, I see the whole world of politics as a farce.  I don't identify as conservative or liberal.  The next election won’t bring much hope for me; after all, our current president was voted into office despite his racist, sexist remarks and constant lying.

But being apolitical doesn’t at all mean I'm not concerned for the welfare of others.  I want to travel the world and illuminate the plight of marginalized people.  I want to explore the ways people use art to protest their oppression, to define themselves in new terms.  I want my work to mean something, even if it’s able to save just one person from a life of poverty or oppression, it would be significant.  I just don’t care to associate with any parties, nor am I a die hard communist, libertarian or whatever other political ideology people may have.


I am for and with anyone who wants to help others thrive in a world that can often be indifferent or hostile.


I'm motivated more strongly by a sense of personal and spiritual duty to my fellow human beings, regardless of what political party is in office for the next 4 years.  I’m for and with anyone who wants to help others thrive in a world that can often be indifferent or hostile, regardless of ranting presidents.  I care so much more about people than party ties.  Politics too often have been used to divide rather than unite people, pacify rather than empower them.  If a Republican supports me in my initiative to educate impoverished children and help them reach their goals, I’d be willing to work with them.  I’m less concerned with people's political ties and more concerned with whether they’re willing to work to empower others and work for the greater good.  It’s one’s character and their actions that truly define who they are and not who they may pay lip service to.


Nefertari Bilal is a sophomore at Northwestern University, majoring in journalism with a minor in Creative Writing.  She is in New York City as an editorial intern for bSmart Guide.  To see her other writing, please go to


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  1. Meagan Hooper

Well said Nefertari!


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