Navigating life isn't easy.  bSmart connects expert and peer mentors with young women in our online community who want to learn, grow, increase their network, and accomplish their goals.  We want our members to have exposure to the people, industries, and opportunities they need to achieve their dreams, as well as resolve their challenges and gain a strong community.

A bSmart mentor is someone who listens, asks questions, sees the value in diverse opinions and perspectives, is honest, trustworthy, and never patronizing.  We encourage all mentors to share their experiences, personal stories, and be genuinely interested in our members' lives.  An effective mentor develops relationships, leads by example, as well as sets boundaries with their time.

Apply to be an online bSmart mentor today and increase your effectiveness and impact on the lives of young women as part of your legacy.  We ask that all prospective mentors receive training on our core values, mission, and technology.


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