Sisters Courtney and Kelsey Montague created Nikita & Vesper to bring you the best in socially conscious and vintage fashion.  The sisters' diverse personal style is reflected in the curation of their clothing and accessories so you're sure to find that one of a kind piece you can't live without.  From valuable vintage finds to custom iPhone cases to jewelry created by women in distressed environments, Nikita & Vesper are making their mark in fashion and the world.

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The Montague Sisters

I first met Courtney Montague a few short months after my move to New York City in 2013. While looking for a job in digital marketing, Courtney was the smiling face sitting across the table asking me what exactly I wanted to do with my life and why on earth had I come to the large-and-in-charge Big Apple? Wasn’t Charlotte, N.C. kind of the cat’s pajamas?

On the interview scale, if 1 is Mother Theresa (providing the situation with very few ounces of intimidation) and 10 is Margaret Thatcher during the Cold War, Lady Montague was no doubt sitting pretty at a 3.9; she held enough determination to ask tough questions while also keeping a warm smile and genuine interest in my own self (a rare characteristic in the concrete jungle). In other words, she had me at hello. Bright-eyed and grinning, Courtney quickly became one of my favorite first impressions.

Some paperwork and a few handshakes later, I began to understand the rarity that is Courtney Montague. Her skills are fierce, her passion is strong, and her commitment is like no other.

What drives Courtney? Social Innovation.

What does she do?  Curates the best socially conscious online boutique we’ve seen in a long time.

With her sister (and serious gem) Kelsey, Courtney now runs Nikita & Vesper in her very special hometown: Denver.  Nikita and Vesper is the next online destination for chicks that are confident and true to their own style, but also want to feel good about their clothing and accessory purchases.  Nikita & Vesper is about two sisters with two totally different styles coming together to achieve one goal: provide the best ethically curated fashion available.  

If you’re all, “I do not give one hooty-hoot about ethically curated fashion - Urban Outfitters / ASOS / TopShop / Free Peeps / whatever my fancy may be suits me just fine.”  Take it back, there’s a new sheriff in town.

With our consumer world gravitating more and more towards the “living beyond yourself” vision, bettering our environment (both literally and the environment of people around you), and giving back when making a purchase (think Warby Parker, TOMS, etc.), it only makes sense to hop on the Nikita &Vesper train ASAP.  Why shouldn’t socially conscious, curated fashion educate and bless the world?

Pink line

Nikita & Vesper

These ladies have curated their site with eco-friendly vintage apparel, charity-focused phone cases, and artisanal (Navajo) jewelry. Check out their eclectic, always socially conscious products here.

In the next month Nikita & Vesper is excited to launch a collection of jewelry made by a women's co-op in Rwanda that focuses on providing invaluable jobs and training, as well as a custom phone case collection for Mother's Day. Because what mom doesn’t love to accessorize her most useful tool?

Each year, I look for a meaningful gift for my own mum. (Most of the time she ends up with a sweet arrangement of flowers from Charlotte’s Garden.) This year, I’ll pump up the volume and add another special treat. Nikita & Vesper’s Creative Director, Kelsey Montague, has agreed to accept commissions for up to 50 custom-designed phone cases for a unique, one-of-a-kind Mother's Day gift.

Each customer will have the chance to send Kelsey a picture or description of a scene, symbol, or object that is important to their mother. Kelsey will then create a custom pen and ink illustration, which will be printed on your mom’s smart phone case.

I’m thinking this year I’ll give Sheryl Maybs something sweet and sentimental. We have a thing with rainbows and certain pieces of Biblical scripture. I think she could dig that idea! Mum - although I appreciate your everlasting support, now would be the time to stop reading this article!

Now every time mom uses her phone she’ll see a meaningful scene from her life interpreted as a unique work of art. To make it even better, 10% of the profit from these sales will go to an organization supporting babies living in tough circumstances. So…yeah…Nikita and Vesper help babies, too.  

If they get any more legit, I will implode.

Wishing you well!

Caroline Mayberry

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