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    Hi bSmart babes!

    I’m kicking of the “If you can dream it, you can do it” mentorship series!

    If you could be a business owner or entrepreneur in anything, if you gave yourself permission to dream big and listen to your inner instincts, what would you be?

    Now that you have your vision - list 3 attainable and specific smaller goals (e.g. designating time towards your goal every day, creating a vision board for motivation, or bringing up your idea to friends and family for support), that will help you reach your big goal

    My answer:
    I have always been happiest when I am doing something creative, but feel that my creative hobbies are the first to fall to the wayside when I’m busy. One of my goals is to create a jewelry business (even if just in a small setting, like on Etsy). My 3 specific and smaller goals I need in order to achieve my large goal are:

    1. Setting aside and investing my money in higher quality material and more supplies so that I can make better jewelry and grow my business.
    2. Designating time each day dedicated to working on creating jewelry and making pieces that I am proud of, using my new materials.
    3. Creating an Etsy account to advertise and expand my business.

    I’m tagging: Angelina Eimannsberger Amanda Sannella Bridget Duggan Sofia Rosa Bianchi Tracy Kim Lilly Pianin

    **Copy / paste the above question as a new wall post or group post, then tag 5 bSmart women for them to answer too!
    Include these instructions when you copy/paste to spread the big dreamer positivity and mentorship!**
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