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    Hi darlings

    About to finish reading "The Defining Decade" and prepared some questions to guide our discussion and to solidify takeaways and insights. You DONT have to answer all or even any of these questions, they are meant to start the discussion in any way that's useful.

    Will post a summary of my takeaways tomorrow! Hope this buddy read is useful. Let me know how it's going for you.

    1) Do you relate to the stories? Any themes and characters in particular? Did the author’s framing help you see new things?
    2) Do you have a vision for yourself? What is it (share as much as you like)? How are you creating/crafting/forming your vision? (Feel free to answer this one even if you haven't read the book!!)
    3) How do bSmart core values emerge in this book? Can you give examples?
    4) How does this book fit with/complement/challenge or support other resources you’ve found helpful? Share some!
    5) Dr. Jay references social history and social context, differences between generations, etc. - how does your worldview on the contemporary moment/society/your generation impact how you see yourself now and in the future?
    6) How does this book look at formal education? Does it underestimate what college and graduate school as well as personal education from learning about health from social media influencers to fiction book clubs can do for us and how important they are to vision?

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