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Do you ever wonder why you’re here on this earth?  Wonder if you’re just a number out of the billions of humans on this universe?  These are normal thoughts, you’re not going crazy (I promise).  Life is such an adventurous place, sort of like chapters in one big novel.  You’re anxious to reach the next page, there may be some obstacles hindering you to finish each chapter, but your ultimate goal is to finish the book in its entirety.

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I’m here to tell you that when it comes to life, it’s all about perspective.  This may sound cliché, but anything is possible.  It’s only impossible if you have 'faith without works.'  Writer and Blogger Eric Barker published an article titled, 8 Things the Most Successful People Do That Make Them Great in Time Magazine from his blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree.  This is a great read to provide you with perspective on how to approach life when it comes to reaching that ultimate goal - success.  Let me give you a quick snap shot of what the article entails, with some added commentary and personable experiences.

1) Be Uncomfortable

You know that annoying feeling you get, deep down in your stomach?  From time to time it jumps out during presentations, when approaching a crush, or for those of you (like me) who are afraid of the dark, it forces you to sleep with a night light.  Fear is the culprit of this feeling that we absolutely hate.  Fear is normal, it’s apart of being human.  The deciding factor is letting it get in the way of what we want to accomplish, that’s where freewill comes in.  If you’re participating in a brain storming session with your team at work and you’re itching to add some creative input - do it!  Believe me, the feeling is much greater once the action is done.  It takes some time to get comfortable with our voice and in our skin, don’t feel rushed.  But, don’t hold back either.  The world is your stage and your talents are the opening act.

2) Stop Reading. Start Doing.

'Keep the “Rule of Two-Thirds” in mind. Spend only one third of your time studying. The other two-thirds of your time you want to be doing the activity. Practicing. Testing yourself.'  Barker couldn’t have said it better than this.

3) The Sweet Spot

'You want to be successful 60-80% of the time when training. That’s the sweet spot for improvement.'  Remember there’s always room for improvement, it’s almost endless.

4) Commit to The Long Term

'Commit to the long haul. Don’t give up.'  In life, nothing is handed to you on a golden platter.  Well, unless you’re the Queen of England.  Get ready to pull up your sleeves and get your knees dirty.  As awful as that sounds, there’s a pot of gold glistening at the end of that rainbow.  If you want to be successful in whatever you do in life, there comes hard work and sacrifice.  There will be days when you have to sacrifice going out with friends to study for that exam that can make or break your grade.  Or turn down that date with that hottie you’ve been planning on seeing all week to complete that deadline for work.  You have to remember, those things will always be around.  But opportunity, that’s not always waiting for you.  Whatever goal you’re working hard to accomplish, that’s for the long haul.  The harder you work in the initial stages, the easier reaching your goal will be.  Never sacrifice temporary leisure for permanent life goals.

5) Find A Role Model

I’m here to tell you that you can’t do it alone.  Nope, no way, sorry, can’t happen.  In life, we have to humble ourselves and not be afraid to ask for guidance to help us get where we want to be in life.  Learn from the best if you want to be the best.  I would encourage everyone to get a mentor.  I have a mentor currently who I define more than just an expert within my industry, more than a teacher, but also a friend who has my best interest. 

6) Naps Are Steroids For Your Brain

'Napping isn’t for the lazy.  It’s one of the habits of the most successful people in any field.'  I don’t believe you have to lose sleep to be successful.  Think about it, your brain needs as much energy as possible to function and seize the day. 

7) Keep A Notebook

I remember back in grade school I used to write about everything in my diary.  From that one annoying boy who used to call me Kangaroo, only to find out that he had a crush on me, to that time I got in trouble with my parents and could only yell through written words.  I’ve kept some form of journaling even until this day.  Don’t let your goals roam in your thoughts and drown in the sea of forgetfulness, write them down.  The most euphoric feeling you will get is crossing a goal you’ve accomplished off your list.  It doesn’t just stop there, now you are prepared for accomplishing a greater goal.  Along the way, you can reflect on the mistakes you’ve made and learn from them.  'Top performers track their progress, set goals, reflect and learn from their mistakes.'

8) You Are Not Alone

Note to self, you are not alone.  Everyone goes through obstacles in life.  The key-determining factor is, 'What are you going to do to turn those obstacles into success stories?'

View the full article for '8 Things the Most Successful People Do That Make Them Great' here.

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