Vision - A bSMART member understands that leadership begins with a clear vision for yourself and others.

Purpose - A bSMART member always knows 'why,' as well as, 'what' they're creating.

Empowerment - A bSMART member lifts themself up and in doing so, lifts up those around them.

Supportiveness - A bSMART member seeks to understand the goals and dreams of those around them.

Collaboration - A bSMART member listens as much as they speak and values the creative process.

Mindfulness - A bSMART member goes within to quiet their mind and listen for direction and inspiration.

Courage - A bSMART member always speaks the truth and does what they know is right.

Perseverance -  A bSMART member never gives up. Never.

Openness - A bSMART member opens their heart and mind to those around them, welcoming feedback.

Integrity -  A bSMART member follows through and communicates with transparency and honesty.

Growth - A bSMART member welcomes feedback and challenges, recognizing they're on the path to evolution.

Emotional Intelligence - A bSMART member seeks to understand another's past and advocates for their future.

Strength - A bSMART member stands up for themself and those around them, raising their voice even if it trembles.

Resourcefulness - A bSMART member uses what they have around them to maximize their impact and serve the world.