Tips and Tricks for the Active Mind: Everyday Mindfulness

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I have always found that my mind and thoughts are extremely active; they tend to come whenever, wherever, especially when I am intending to stay present. Luckily, through lots of exploration, I have discovered ways in which I can bring these thoughts to rest, and try to remain calm.

Find YOUR exercise

When you hear the word exercise, you might get that dreaded feeling and think of the long treadmill runs that leave you feeling winded and drained. Exercise doesn't have to be painful- explore the various types offered until you find one that suits you, one that makes you excited! Exercising works immensely to clear the mind and release both negative thoughts and angst. After a thrilling exercise, you are bound to feel more relaxed and far less overwhelmed.


Living in a city with infinite places to go, I've learned that a walk can be the best medicine to clearing your head and relieving yourself of anxiety. Put your phone away and focus on the sights in front of you; how are you feeling? Tip: focus on your senses- this is extremely helpful in returning to the present moment and being aware of your body and its needs.


When you get too into your head, a great way to release your negative energy is through music. I find that if I am trying to get to bed, but my thoughts are taking over, the simple act of putting in headphones and playing music pulls me away from inside and lets me get to calm.


If you, like me, are someone who has various forms of anxiety that tend to pop up unexpectedly, I strongly recommend journaling. Whether it's on your computer or in a notebook, writing is a great tool for mental health. When your brain is jam-packed, it can be difficult to pick out the important thoughts, let alone focus at all. If you realize that you are having one of those moments, try writing: you can literally just pick up anywhere and see where it takes you. I guarantee that you will feel less anxious- imagine your brain as a super cluttered desk, and then writing to sort it out.

Recognize reality

The most important thing I have learned about thoughts, is that they are not always the reality. Once overwhelmed, your mind is more likely to take you in other directions, directions that are not necessarily helpful or realistic. If you find yourself being drawn in a hundred different directions by your thoughts, take a second to slow down and recognize: 1) What am I anxious about? 2) What are the facts, what is reality? 3) Is this a situation I can control?

Once you have thought about those three questions, you will probably be more calm, identifying that it is not reality that has made you so nervous, but your anxiety and your restless mind. 

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