I wrote Every Day Is Election Day: A Woman's Guide to Winning Any Office, from the PTA to the White House because I was compelled by two stark realities I thought needed to end.

One: Too few women choose to be somebody in the public sphere, whether as organizational leaders (as opposed to great volunteers, which we always seem to be), political leaders, or bold philanthropists.

Two: Too few women say 'yes,' I want this leadership role.  Instead, they often wait their turn, which - most times - never comes. (Note: Most men don't wait to be asked when considering a leadership role.)

We're in the most important era in American women's history since suffrage when women are seeking leadership roles at all levels of our society, from politics to business, in new ways and at new heights.  Now is the perfect time for every bSmart woman to fulfill her leadership dream, too.


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The first step to winning any office is to understand the six rules outlined in my book's first chapter:

1) If you want to be a winner, you have to want it really bad.

Why should anyone work harder for you to win than you're willing to work for yourself?  If you want to win the race, run that extra mile.  Then, your boss, your co-workers, your mentor, and your business associates will, too. 

2) You've got to outwork the competition.

No one is irreplaceable when it comes to either paid work or public advocacy and volunteering.  Yes, each of us is unique.  However, other women - even other women you like - have at least some of the qualities you have making them also suitable for the leadership role you covet.  Remember to keep pushing yourself!

3) You win the same way men do.

Even though women possess gender-based qualities and life experiences men don't have, every race is won by the person who gets to the finish line first regardless of gender.  This means applying the same smart strategy and tactics your male competitors will also be using.  By all means highlight your notable personal experiences, but remember to train, train, train, too. 

4) You win with women and for women.

I believe all women want the best for all women.  Thus, I advocate championing for other women - including their needs - whether or not those needs are yours.  When you do, you'll demonstrate your generosity and kindness - two qualities everyone wants in their leaders.  You'll also demonstrate your smarts.  Who wants a leader who isn't smart enough to figure out what other women need and how to help them?


Every race is won by the person who gets to the finish line first regardless of gender.


5) Success in politics and business is not a one-off.

Just because you got picked this time to lead the team doesn't mean you'll be picked again, or even that you should expect to be picked again.  You need to earn the leadership role each time.  You do so by continuously demonstrating your willingness to work hard and be smart about decisions that make you right for leadership.  Remember, if every day is election day, then people are also sizing you up every day.

6) The process of leading will be different from the process of advocating.

Once you're in a leadership position, you'll learn things you couldn't have known before.  It's likely this knowledge will cause you to reconsider challenges and how to address them.  Be prepared for this change and for explaining to those who elected you what you now understand must be done differently. 

Now that you've got the road map to realizing your leadership dreams, I promise you'll experience great joy as a woman leader.  So start reading and start leading!


Rebecca Sive is the author of Every Day Is Election Day: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Any Office, from the PTA to the White House. She speaks on strategies for women to gain public power and political influence and is a Lecturer at Chicago Harris (School of Public Policy), at the University of Chicago, where she teaches courses on women in public and executive leadership.  Learn more about Rebecca on her website www.rebeccasive.com, and in her bSmart interview!


Every Day Is Election Day is the inspirational, insiders' guide for bSmart readers who lead organizations, want to lead them, want to advance in the workplace, are advocates for community causes and women's issues, or dream of running for office one day. 

bSmart friend and colleague Rebecca Sive offers candid advice for how to surmount public barriers, conquer private fears, and run any campaign to be somebody with humor, confidence, and no apologies.  Rebecca also provides tips - from women across the country who run organizations and are elected officials - for realizing the power of sisterhood, bankrolling oneself, creating an inimitable brand, and getting men to accept a take-charge personality.

Every Day Is Election Day is a great read, a perfect book-club selection and, as you start holiday shopping, a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite girlfriend, sister, niece or mom.  Every woman who is serious about being a leader should own a copy of Every Day Is Election Day!  

In a special relationship with Rebecca's publisher, Every Day Is Election Day is available to the bSmart community and their friends at 30% off list price, directly from the publisher, through October 2015!.  Click here to place your order today!


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