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Man Repeller, fashion icon Leandra Medine’s beauty and lifestyle website known for encouraging individuality in its readers, has recently released a new podcast called ‘The Call.’  In step with the site’s celebration of female individuality, ‘The Call’ focuses on women who typically hold nontraditional jobs and excel in their fields.  The show is hosted by Erica Williams Simon, a content creator, social critic, and ex-political strategist.  Simon has a passion for activism and starting dialogue about social issues that are relevant to the United States and abroad.


Listen to 'The Call' by Man Repeller and Erica Williams Simon here!

In the first episode, Simon explains why Man Repeller settled on the name ‘The Call’ for its podcasting debut.  The creators wanted to inspire women to follow their life’s calling, though the problem is that sometimes women don’t know where to start.  Through conversations with women who have answered their life’s mission, Simon and the Man Repeller team hope to give their female audience a sign, or if anything, advice for the first steps to take along their journey.

The podcast’s guests have included women from a variety of backgrounds, such as New York Times staff writer Jenna Wortham, political pundit Sally Kohn, and chief leadership officer Tiffany Dufu, to name a few.  Each of them shares both the highs and lows of their process towards finding their right career path.  As Man Repeller notes, they want to go beyond simply telling women to ‘work hard’ and ‘never give up,’ seeing as few female journeys genuinely benefit from such stereotypical advice.  The speakers on the show share more specific challenges, such as how they’ve been perceived as a woman running for an election, or how their opinion has been negatively twisted when sharing the female perspective on the news or in their writing.

The creation of the podcast also came about due to the results of the 2016 election.  Many women found themselves lost, but not hopeless, still wanting to fight back against the new administration but unsure of how to begin.  This show hopes to harness that energy and continue to push women towards action as opposed to drowning themselves in the confusion and distress that clouded many minds after the president was voted into office.


They wanted to inspire women to follow their life’s calling, though the problem is that sometimes women don’t know where to start. 


Ultimately, if you’re looking for new inspiration to incorporate into your daily commute or nighttime routine when you’re winding down, ‘The Call’ is an ideal option for bSmart women.  Like the community on bSmart, ‘The Call’ provides helpful dialogue between successful women. This type of discussion can be of great use to other ambitious females striving for careers that simultaneously bring them happiness and aim to change the world for the better.


Madeline is a student-athlete at New York University studying Journalism and English Literature. Given her school’s location in Manhattan, Madeline loves to explore the city and document her various adventures on her blog, You can also find her wandering around  bookstores searching for her next read and sipping an iced coffee. For a more holistic view of her creative and professional style, check out her portfolio website,


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  1. Meagan Hooper

Definitely going to check-out 'The Call.' Great review Maddie!

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